Let’s Help Make Winter Warm :)

Hi Everyone

Every winter I hear about the winter drives and like everyone, I get some items together and donate it to the charity of my choice. The thing that always bugged me, was that I always hear about it in the middle of winter, and I think that’s too late.

That is why I have decided to start NOW! My aim is to collect as many goods as I can and distribute the collection to various shelters in Cape Town so that they are ready for the cold winter season.

I  encourage all of you who will read this to join me in collecting and (if you can) donating the following items (every little bit helps! no item is too small):

Blankets, Clothing, Non-Perishable Food, Soaps, Cloths, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Sanitary wear, Toys etc. What ever you can think of, every item is a blessing!

As you can see above, most of these items are not only essential JUST for winter, so my hope is to drive this right through the year.

If you would like to join me in this winter drive please feel free to contact me at contour.sa@gmail.com you can also follow me on twitter @Contour_Events as I will be keeping everyone posted on the progress of this drive. If you have any other ideas of how we can make this work even better, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks you and looking forward to hearing from you,

Megan 🙂

One Response to “Let’s Help Make Winter Warm :)”
  1. Hi All
    Just a quick update: if you want to know where to drop off any goods you might have you can also email me at megan.juries@gmail.com.
    As I want to supply a shelter I was thinking of suggesting an item every week, but its YOUR choice if you are collecting goods of what you want to get, this will just be a suggestion.
    As I want to make up packages to supply to the shelters, I will make this weeks suggestion TOOTHPASTE. If you have any other suggestions feel free to post!!

    Lotsa Love,


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